The Property Management Agreement or PMA is the contract used between a property owner or investor and their chosen Property Management Company. Here in Arizona the most widely recognized PMA is supplied by the Arizona Multiple Listing Service or ARMLS. This PMA sets forward all of the responsibilities of the Property Management Company. Since nobody works for free there is always a fee for services. Most Management companies charge either a percentage of rents collected or a flat fee per door, but do they also include a fee schedule?

The Owner Fee Schedule will be a list of additional fees for the day-to-day cost of services. Some as minor as mailing a letter or notice. These fee’s might also be listed in the PMA’s Additional Terms and Conditions P.5 Sec.7. Some of these fees even incentivize a high turnover of tenancy.

So, send a copy of your PMA and your end of year statement to Abridge Property Solutions and let us show you how much money we can save you this year.