Many Real Estate Investors don’t read the monthly and year end statements. This is where you will find any hidden fees. In a percentage management agreement the only fees you should see are the recurring cost of management. These might include HOA dues if your management company has taken on the responsibility of paying these out of your account. Otherwise you should only see the agreed upon management percentage and any minor repairs with an accounting for each. If you are seeing others like Accounting fees, filing fees, mailing fees, fees for notices or fees for calling your tenants, all of these additional fees should be considered along with the percentage you are being charged. It doesn’t take much to move the scale from 7 or 8% to 14 or 15%. Abridge Property Solutions never charges this type of add on fee. The percentage quoted is exactly what you will pay.

So, give us a shot. Contact Curtis at Abridge Property Solutions and let me show you how we can optimize your rental property income.